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24/7 Aftersales service

24hr service on 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year - we can always be reached by our customers!

Service hotline:  +49 471 98401-84


  • Service- and emergency spare parts
    Mon – Fri 17:00 - 22:00
    Sat + Sun 8:00 - 20:00
  • Emergency service 
    24 hrs 7 days a week
  • symex Global
    Worldwide use of highly-trained service technicians, rapidly available
  • Service locations 
    Germany (Bremerhaven and Rhine/Main)
    USA (Kansas City)
    China (Shanghai)
    Russia (Moscow)
    Japan (Osaka and Tokyo)
  • Spare part availability
    Germany (Bremerhaven)
    Germany (Rhine/Main)
    USA (Kansas City)
    Russia (Moscow)
    Customer-specific spare part stocks at other strategic locations
  • Express shipping
    Spare parts shipping on day of order
  • Maintenance contracts
    Preventive maintenance inc. documentation and guarantee

    Premium conditions for our contract customers


For us, service is our top priority!

If you need our support, we’re there for you. And that around the clock!



symex Visual Remote Service


Live Support. The Real Time Solution.


  • Visual online support
  • Immediate access
  • Multi language with translation - no language barrier
  • Full data capturing and history storage of all data
  • Hands-Free image and video capture. Easy-to-use and easy-to-wear headset
  • Highly cost reducing - no travel costs
  • Reduced service effort
  • Highly efficient Real-Time communication
  • No license fees - one-time investment for all systems (symex service conditions apply)
  • No distance limitation

Service Engineering

Service Engineering – extensions, upgrades and modernisations of existing systems.


Our Service Engineering services at a glance:

  • Extension, upgrading and modernising of existing systems with the latest technologies and innovations
  • Technical engineering for all process-, control- and service issues
  • Technical and process engineering training sessions
  • Recommendations for process- and process engineering optimisation
  • “Troubleshooting” with remote maintenance support
  • Conversions and upgrades of existing mixing systems (machines from other manufacturers)
  • Implementation of mixing systems when changing location (turnkey service)
  • Customer-specific individual solutions


Expertise is our strength - with us you're in good hands!

Retrofit: Vessel refurbishment before / after



Qualification service

Whether pharmaceuticals or cosmetics - the GMP-compliant symex qualification packages make every validation a success.

  • Basic:

Basic scope of qualification for all basic systems

  • Standard:

Standard scope of qualification for all standard systems of the cosmetics industry

  • Advanced:

Qualification package with extended scope of testing and documentation for cosmetics- and pharmaceutical systems

  • Pharmaceuticals:

Qualification package with maximum scope of testing and documentation for pharmaceutical systems

  • Individual:

Scope of qualification individually adjusted to customer requirements

Secure, quick and successful validation - the GMP-compliant symex qualification packages as a component of the turnkey solution!



Scale Up

The symex scale-up system - safe into production even without laboratory/pilot-plant experiments.

Advantages of the symex scale-up system:

  • Scale-up without trial and error
  • Scientifically based with over 30 years of success guarantee
  • Systematic profiling of all mixing systems involved
  • Extremely high efficiency - fast scaling with low profiling expenditure
  • Applicable to symex systems and mixing systems of other manufacturers
  • Detailed step-by-step application description
  • Scaling matrix - safe, fast and simply to apply
  • FDA-compliant procedure
  • Reliably even beyond a ratio of 1:10
  • Scalable processes
    • Mixing / agitation
    • Homogenizing
    • Temperature control
    • Raw material additions
    • cleaning
  • Analytical determination of physical and process engineering limits (scale-down)


Our scale-up system makes every scale-up controllable - for sure!




In order to apply symex technologies and innovations with maximum efficiency and effectiveness, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of training options.

Our training concepts at a glance:

  • All training sessions a combination of theory and practice
  • Training the basics: “Mixing- and homogenizing technology”
  • Customer-specific operator training sessions
  • Customer-specific maintenance training sessions
  • Special training sessions for product- and process developers
  • Production monitoring after commissioning
  • Special training sessions for process optimisation and increasing efficiency
  • Scale-up training sessions for product- and process developers
  • On-site training systems at the customer’s and at symex
  • Various training languages (German, English, French, Russian and Portuguese)
  • Training sessions also outside of regular working hours
  • Training documentation and accompanying documents
  • Training certificates


The symex training concept - we don’t just know our systems, we also know the processes!